Lawyers Who Will Hold Responsible Parties Accountable

Without intending to be, the law is sometimes cruel. Tennessee state law places strict limitations on the time in which you must file a lawsuit, usually one year from the date someone is injured. For a family grieving the loss of a loved one, that’s pressure you don’t need. That’s why, at Walden & Associates, PLLC, we encourage you to seek our advice early on and let us make certain your rights are protected.

We file wrongful death claims for many different kinds of situations:

  • Highway accident
  • Work-related fatality
  • Death occurring due to substandard medical care
  • Death occurring on another party’s property, in which the other party was negligent
  • Death occurring due to product failure or defect

Of course, not all deaths are the result of negligence. But when negligence does occur, we work to identify the responsible party and to build a case that is so clear and persuasive that your claim cannot be denied.

Athens Wrongful Death And Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

In addition to the wrongful deaths of loved ones, we apply the same skills and thoroughness to all injuries, including severe or catastrophic injuries resulting in permanent disability. These include:

  • Brain trauma and head injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Severe burns
  • Spinal cord injury/paralysis/quadriplegia
  • Loss of vision or hearing

In addition to seeking compensation for these injuries, we also help disabled parties and their caregivers to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

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