You have 1 year to file a compensation claim in Tennessee

The symptoms that people face after a car wreck might not appear right away. There is a chance that some injuries won’t show up for days or even weeks after the incident. This is often associated with whiplash and brain injuries like concussions. This can be problematic because you might not realize what is going on.

We know that you might be concerned about what options you have when the injuries don’t show up right away. The good news is that the statute of limitations in Tennessee is one year. This means that you have a full year from the date of the accident to get your claim filed in court. We can help you do this, but we need to get started as soon as you find out that you suffered an injury.

It is imperative that you get the medical care that you need as soon as you realize you are injured. This can help you potentially prevent more damage to the area than what you are dealing with now. The treatment plan might be able to help you start to heal, which could benefit you by controlling pain.

When you seek compensation, you are asking for the person who caused the accident to pay you for the monetary impacts you had to deal with. This is done through a civil case that must tie your financial losses to the accident. That accident has to be tied to the person who is named as the defendant. The amount you attach to your case must also be carefully considered since you can’t come back to seek more compensation in the future.

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